ZEUS - Fire 🔥 Filter Ranking

What do I see here?

In our ZEUS tool we have pre-defined filters for anybody to use. This list shows a ranking for each filter. After a Fire 🔥 Alert triggers we start tracking the coin`s price development over many different time frames after it got triggered. So we collect "historical data" for the filter. After a while we can surely identify winning filters. In ZEUS you find these stats linked for each triggered Fire 🔥 Alert, too. And remember all members can create their personal filters also, whose statistics are being shown in their member areas.

by default sorted by "ROI after selling after 2 Hours" descending

number in first bracket = counts when price was found after X period, declining, because
- most filters are short term only, we stop tracking price development here after 3 Hours
- many trackings are still underway and not finished yet

number in second bracket = number of rugpulls (most rugpulls we already exclude by the way we create the filters, this is possible because most rugpulls happen very early)