Welcome to Firetools.io - DEX Alerting Tools

It`s our goal to create a great suite of tools for Crypto DEX Traders. It will help you find the best trading opportunities on Uniswap (Ethereum). Soon to come: Binance chain and Tron.

ZEUS - Our main product

Currently we track prices, token holders, liquidity and their change for short and medium time frames like 10 Mins, 30 Mins, 2 Hours, 4 Hours and so on.. We plan to introduce more factors like twitter mentions, volume, telegram signals very soon.

How does it work?

It`s very simple, Zeus is based on filters. With Filters we try to find good entry points into mostly short-term Uniswap (Ethereum, later more chains) trades. Most trades will be made for low-cap gems of course. This is why we assume that with filtering alone we will find good profitable short-term opportunities. Standard TA does not apply to uniswap coins, which also are much more decorrelated from BTC.

We continously add new filters and track their success in order to deviate the best trading strategies. Filters currently use creation-time, price, price change, holders, holder change, liquidity and liquidity change (more soon). Based on these simple filters (combinations of the above mentioned factors) we collect historical data and are able to give you the best opportunities on DEX exchanges. No need to look up these numbers anymore by yourself - even better - no need to even really think about which trade to enter next. ZEUS will generate so called fire alarms for you and will tell you when to buy and when it`s the best time to sell (approximately) again.

For later it`s our plan to fully automate the trading process. At the moment ZEUS is "half-automated".

Members Challenge - Who creates the best filters?

since Zeus is all about creating new profitable filters, we thought it would be cool to make contests where our members can prove their skills. all participants can enter the contests by depositing ETH; winners will then be paid out 4 weeks later

Link to coingecko

as soon as a project is on coingecko it has more credit among traders; we will integrate this and probably also pull certain more data from coingecko like volume or discord channel info and so on

New metrics: Volume, Coingecko listed, Twitter mentions and telegram announcements

this means: we will track how often a coin is mentioned by twitter influencers and if coin owners announced something in their telegram channels; filters can then use these new metric

Integration of BinanceChain and TRON

Besides Ethereum we feel it will be a good move to start tracking projects on BinanceChain (BSC) and TRON.

Fire 🔥 Filter Alerts via Email

Filter Top-List (Proof of Success)

You can find a toplist of our best filters here. These filters haven proven to be profitable according to our historical data we are continously collecting.

Hephaestus - CT Alerts

This is our CT ("Crypto Twitter") analysis tool. This is still very much in beta. Certain collected data of this tool will be integrated into ZEUS. More info coming soon ..

Earn $ETH

You can earn 40% of all fees collected from member subscriptions by referring new users. Your referral link is shown in the member area after signing up.